Stages of change


Becoming a better version of your self by making lifestyle changes is easier said than done.

There is no one who wakes up one day and decides to go to the gym every day, eat healthy every day and go to visit grandma every day ..ok maybe some people decide to do so but I can tell you for sure that they are not going to do it with out failing.

Failing is not always a bad thing. I choose to look at my failures as a chance to do better next time!

In my studies I’ve come across a certain method more than once and from the very beginning I was like yes this makes a lot of sense! ..this particular method can be use for so many things when it comes to individuals but I’m going to use it to look at exercising and developing healthy habits but it can actually be used for every life-changing events.

This method is called “The stages of change”.

The model can vary after who listed it. The image of the method that I choose to talk about includes 6 steps:

  1. Precontemplation (not thinking about change)
    – This one is simple, you’re just not in a place where you think you need or should be exercising. My recommendation is get the hell out of this stage to the next one because everyone needs at least a little bit of exercise!
  2. Contemplation (thinking about making a change)
    – Good you’re here! good things are coming your way!
  3. Preparation (how am I going to make the change?)
    – How often am I going to train? Am I going to do it on my own or am I going to get a    personal trainer or join a group? What kind of exercise is it that I am interested in?
  4. Action (behavioral change)
    – Like Nike says: JUST DO IT. I can promise you that you wont   forget it!
  5. Maintenance
  6. Relapse
    – Shit happens – the only thing to do is to give this one “the finger” and GO AGAIN!

Looking at this method when it comes to situate exercising in your routine can be very helpful, who doesn’t know the feeling of giving up after one little step back after being on a good role for a while? guess is everyone – at least almost everyone!

It’s important to know that everyone can take a false step and most people relapse and flick between stages, no one is perfect.

I would say that the hardest and most important step is the maintenance ..and if you fail remember you got there once – you can do it again!

Never give up on your goals – work on them and crush them.




Littell, J. H., & Girvin, H. (2002). Stages of Change: A Critique. Behavior Modification, 26(2), 223–273.

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