I wanna be more “shaped and toned” is a really common goal

I wanna be more “shaped and toned” is a really common goal among people who are taking their first step in the gym.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to see results, it’s actually quite understandable, you are working on your body – you want to see results.
PATIENCE is a key factor when taking your first step in the gym, you will not see results after 2 training sessions, just like you wont get skinny of eating a salad once a month.
It’s important to set realistic goals – goals that you will keep up with but not give up on – so instead of thinking about being shaped, think about getting it done. The “shaping” will come later, after a lot of work – be patient and work harder every day to get to this long-term goal.


So instead of looking at the shape of your arms, measure them in cm and write it down, do that again in 4 weeks and see the results black on white.
If you want to see some graphical changing than you can take a picture at the very first day, and then again after c.a. 4 weeks
(the famous before->after picture).

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