Hi Im Guðrún Personal Trainer & Diet Advisor.

Icelandic personal trainer living in Esbjerg, Denmark

My name is Guðrún and I am an Icelandic personal trainer living in Esbjerg, Denmark.

I am a personal trainer in Fitnessdk. I am an educated sport scientist (B.Sc. in sport science), graduated from the University of Reykjavík in June 2016. I moved to Denmark to educate myself further, so I am currently doing a masters program in Public Health (M.sc.) in Southern Denmark University.

Fitness and over all health is my passion. I love to be able to work with people, helping them to be the best version of themselves by living a healthier lifestyle.

My field of interest when it comes to training has no limits, anyone can make a change in their life using physical activity and developing healthy habits.


Guðrún Hermannsdóttir

Personlig træner [email protected]

Success & Failure

Look at your failures as a chance to do better next time. Failure is a counterproductive word – nobody wants to fail ..but failure doesn’t have to be so bad. Once you fail you can use that experience to do better next time – that being said, failure is just a speed bump on your way to success.

Success is not an easy target, you will have to work for it. A good way too succeed is to plan, to do and to follow through.

Once you’ve succeeded, nobody will remember your failures, and you will look at your failures as an experience that only made you stronger.

I don’t want my costumers to give up after they’ve taken a time off from training and their healthy habits that they’ve worked hard to maintain.
A lot of people fall out of routine during summertime and other holidays but there is nothing that says that you can not continue what you were doing before that.
You come back – and you come back with more rapacity for success than ever.

Giving up is not an option – it’s your body, you have to live in it forever – treat it with respect.


Bachelor degree in Sport science from Reykjavík University, graduated 2016.

The BSc program is a three-year diverse and challenging, theoretical and practical study emphasizing that students acquire outstanding knowledge and skills to communicate in teaching, training, research and management.


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