Everybody needs some kind of motivation

Motivation varies between individuals and also between goals.
No matter what your goals are, a motivation of some kind will get you closer to crushing them!
Here are some examples for different kind of motivation factors for different situations:

Training :

  • Personal trainer
  • New training program
  • New gym clothes
  • New gym-playlist
  • Gym-partner
  • A check-list for how many times this month you’re going to the gym -> if you check all the boxes (or more) reward your self with something nice like new top or something like that.


Eating habits:

  • Food diary, by writing everything you eat down makes it harder to cheat
  • Check-list, check of the days that you eat healthy and after e.g. 5 days in     a row award your self with something nice (not necessarily food related, can be new shoes, or something that you desire).


Motivation is a combination of many factors

These are just some examples, motivation can be used for ALOT of things, I decided to only list for fitness and nutrition as it is in my field of interest.

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