My first official blog post will be just a little introduction about who I am!
I am an 25 year old Icelandic girl living in Esbjerg, Denmark with my boyfriend.

I’ve only been living in Denmark for one year and so far I like it but of course I miss my home country , family and friends <3

I have a bachelor degree in sport science from Reykjavík University and I’m currently a student in Southern Denmark University where I am doing a masters program in public health.

I am a personal trainer, working in Fitness-dk BROEN, new center here in Esbjerg, veeery nice – check it out 😉

I love being able to work with what I love – helping other people to reach their goals using exercise!

My hobbies are fitness (obviously) and over all health, travelling and spending time with family and friends <3

I choose to have my blog posts and the web-page in English as I want to be able to reach to as many people as possible and the most international language is English! ..but I also do speak Icelandic and Danish and maybe in the future my posts will appear in more languages than only English.
I am also a part of an Icelandic group-blog-page, POSH.IS, so you can also read blogs from me there, but they are in Icelandic 😉

In my job as a personal trainer in FitnessDk I speak Danish and English if costumers prefer so.

I’m looking forward to share more things with you!

You can follow me on IG (at the bottom of my page) and on FB:

Love – Guðrún

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